New Office

Welcome to Upnest!

Just the other day, I came back from a meeting and found that shiny new, USB-C charging monitors had magically appeared on all desks. Roman, our TechOps Engineer, delivered.

“Wait what”, I hear you saying, “you didn’t have any monitors for your people?”

We didn’t. We just moved into our new office a week before…

Upvest grew from about fifty people in 2021 to over a hundred in summer 2022, sixty of them engineers. We recently finished our Series B financing and will grow much further, so we had to leave our cozy yet small office on the hip Torstraße in Berlin’s Mitte district.

On September 1st, we moved into our new more spacious Upnest, overlooking a big, calm yard in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

New, modern offices look pretty bland when they’re not busy. Luckily, we had Upfest, our annual company festival, just days after moving to the new office. All our employees from all over the world joined us for a week of learning, (re-)connecting and having lots of fun.

Our festival is over, and we’re now settling in to the shiny new office. New features appear almost daily.

With just a week in, we’re all looking forward to making the new office our proper new Upnest, being a great place for collaboration and also focussed work. If you want to join us at the new home, continuing our mission to make investing much more accessible to everyone, please check our openings.

We’d love to welcome you to the new Upnest!