The GDG Berlin Golang meetup, October 2022

Thank you, attendees!

I want to start by thanking everyone who took the time to join us at our Upvest HQ last night for the GDG Berlin Go meetup. It was my very great pleasure to meet so many of you, and share some pizza and drinks with you. I speak for everyone at Upvest when I saw that we’re glad to be able to support the community in this way, and we’re sure we’ll be doing it again.

Thank you, organisers!

Big thanks also to the organisers, Natalie, Tim and Ole. Creating and maintaining such a meetup takes more work than most people would imagine. Sustaining it through a pandemic and then coming back stronger than ever, with a hybrid event is on a whole other level. 👏

Special thanks are reserved for Tim Scheuermann, who not only coordinated the event but also presented a really good overview of the io.Reader and io.Writer interfaces in Go. A pretty fundamental piece of idiomatic Go that makes it a whole lot easier to build elegant solutions that scale.

Thank you, Upvengers

Also, a public thank you as well to Eve, Maria, Olivia and Roman - the Upvengers who scrambled to get us ready for our first community meetup at our new office space on short notice. A testament to the Upvest values and spirit.

My presentation

Despite the obligatory technical hiccup (a classic “I’ve never shared my screen on this laptop” moment), we managed to present and stream successfully! For anyone who was intrigued by Lambda Calculus, and the challenges of implementing it go, my presentation and the source code and tests are available in this GitHub repository.

Until the next time

We loved having you all come by and we’ll be sure to do it again! If you’d like to get in touch please feel free to ping me directly on LinkedIn or Twitter.

If you’re interested in Upvest, you can also look at our Corporate site where you can find out about our mission, our team and our current openings.

Gopher Mic Drop

Gopher Mic Drop