The way we build our API platform

At Upvest we always start with the question: “Why?”. Every engineer first needs to understand the problem we are trying to solve, and why it is important to our clients and us. Only once they’ve done this can they move on to thinking about solutions for the problem. Every engineer needs to have a product mindset. That’s why we call these people Product Engineers. Every day, we work closely with our counterparts in the product team to deliver value to our clients. [Read More]

New Office

Welcome to Upnest! Just the other day, I came back from a meeting and found that shiny new, USB-C charging monitors had magically appeared on all desks. Roman, our TechOps Engineer, delivered. “Wait what”, I hear you saying, “you didn’t have any monitors for your people?” We didn’t. We just moved into our new office a week before… Upvest grew from about fifty people in 2021 to over a hundred in summer 2022, sixty of them engineers. [Read More]

Prepare for your live coding test!

Your technical interview at Upvest So you made it to the first major stage of our interview process? Great, our tech folks are happy to meet you soon! As you may know by now, we will have a 30 Minute-long live coding session as part of the interview. You won’t need to complete any tasks or do any homework before the session but, we can offer you these hints to give you a head start and ensure a smooth, fun session. [Read More]

Upvest at GopherCon Europe 2022

For the final 3 days of July, we were proud to be platinum sponsors of GopherCon Europe 2022. This year, the conference had significance beyond its usual status as the central event of the European Go community year. It was the first time that the conference could be an in-person event since the outbreak of COVID-19. Though most of us have already grown accustomed to interacting in real life again, you could feel what it means to the broader community to be able to gather like this. [Read More]